Our services

We offer flexibility - from fully-integrated campaigns delivered as your add-on marketing team, to targeted PR support

Free PR consultation

We’ll give an honest, no holds barred, and no strings attached review of your current PR approach, complete with an analysis of what’ll work best with the media, advice on how to move the needle, and a fresh perspective on some new worth implementing.

Speaking and award opportunities

The phrase ‘award-winning’ is an invaluable tool for your sales team. Speaker slots at key events are another great way to boost credibility. We’ll handle these for you, putting you forward for the right opportunities and making the process easy for start to finish. After all, we know which boxes event organisers and award judges want you to tick.

Media training

It’s important to get a journalist or analyst interview right, yet there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Different audiences need to hear different things. We’ll ensure your spokespeople are media trained and ready for what’ll be thrown at them, putting your message across in the right way and helping you to get the most out of the campaign we deliver.

Amplified social media

Social media is a great tool for reaching customers, but with such much noise your message can be lost. Rather than sinking hours into growing your Twitter following or building your LinkedIn page, which has limited value for B2B, we use heavily targeted, paid-for social traffic to complement the thought leadership campaign, resulting in a far more effective approach.

Campaign design

Want to run things in-house but would value an external view of how to get best bang for your buck? XYZ is the outside perspective you need. We’ll work with you to develop a communications strategy with measurable impact, clarifying your position and differentiating it against the competition. You’ll have all the tools you need to deliver on it once we’re done, or we can help with implementation.

Crisis communications

Sometimes things go wrong. When they do, we have an experienced team on hand to help with damage limitation and to carefully manage the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

Event support

From NAB to MWC, to IP EXPO and beyond, we offer event support packages designed to get you in front of the media and analysts that matter. We then combine this with our data-driven approach to thought leadership, building a runway of visibility and targeted event-based coverage before, during, and after the show.

Messaging and strategy

We don’t believe in PR for the sake of it.

Vanity coverage does have a place, but not if it’s operating outside your marketing strategy and business objectives. We use years of experience, and our in-house data analysis tools, to create a messaging framework and engagement strategy that’ll work for your target market.

Influencer engagement

Traditional PR is core to what we do, delivering value through results. After working with you to define the right message, we implement a thought leadership-led PR campaign to secure dedicated coverage where it counts and to raise your profile with target media, industry peers, and, most importantly, customers and prospects.

Content development

B2B content doesn’t have to be boring. We revel in distilling technical concepts and turning complex innovations into stories with mass appeal. It’s noisy out there, with more competition than ever before. So we conduct a full analysis of existing content in the industry and develop new and unique angles on your behalf, showcasing your expertise.


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