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Using PR to stand out in the LPWAN market

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LPWAN (Low-Power Wide Area Network) technology has undoubtedly been one of the biggest telecoms topics in 2017, and it looks like 2018 will be no different. From its ability to flood dense locations with connectivity, to enabling the use of devices dependent on long battery life, the benefits of LPWAN are clear. It’s a technology that is capable of providing […]

The future of video: What’s next in the streaming space?

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125 million hours. On average, that’s how much Netflix’s 100+ million paying subscribers stream per day. And yet, amazingly, that figure is rather low for the OTT video king. Back in January, Netflix topped its own record by delivering more than 250 million hours of TV and movies in a single 24-hour period – an incredible achievement for the company […]

Mobile World Congress (MWC) - Barcelona - Telecoms

Making your mark on MWC

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Mobile World Congress (MWC) brings together the biggest, the best, and the brightest in a four-day telecoms extravaganza. It’s a hotbed of opportunities for those that are able to position themselves above the noise. And for companies that can support their teams with the right media attention and third-party validation in advance, it’s often a show full of meetings with […]

Creativity in B2B PR

Using data and creativity to make B2B exciting

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In B2B PR, there’s an assumption that a lot of time is spent churning out reams of the dullest content known to man. How could VNFs or SD-WAN possibly be interesting!? Yes, you can write sleep-inducing bylines on SaaS, but B2B content done well is both thought-provoking and accessible. To do this requires creativity, and that same creativity is key to […]