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B2B PR and content marketing specialists for the tech, media, and telecoms sectors

A new-school approach to PR

At XYZ Communications, we look at the agency model differently.

We’re a virtual outfit. You get an experienced team at a lower cost and our fees are based on results.

We enjoy working with companies to make PR tangible. We do this by bringing content to life and developing data-informed campaigns that deliver impact with ROI.

Making sure you’re seen where you need to be, we work with you in using PR as a tool to support the customer journey and hit your marketing goals.

From project-based media outreach to retained and integrated communications campaigns, we’re a team with the sector expertise and know-how to deliver what’s needed.

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XYZ Communications - The PR data-driven model (XYZ Comms)

What we bring to the table

Messaging and strategy

We don’t believe in PR for the sake of it. Instead, we use sector experience and data analysis tools to create a messaging framework and engagement strategy that’ll have impact with your target audience.

Influencer engagement

Influencer outreach is core to what we do, delivering value through results. We’ll implement a thought leadership-led PR campaign to secure coverage where it counts, raising your profile with the media, industry peers, and prospects.

Content development

We revel in distilling technical concepts and turning complex innovations into stories with appeal. It’s noisy out there, with more competition than ever. We’ll develop the best angles to showcase your expertise and maximise impact.


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LPWAN (Low-Power Wide Area Network) technology has undoubtedly been one of the biggest telecoms topics in 2017, and it looks like 2018 will be no different. From its ability to flood dense locations with connectivity, to enabling the use of devices dependent on long battery life, the benefits of LPWAN are clear. It’s a technology that is capable of providing […]

Creativity in B2B PR

Using data and creativity to make B2B exciting

In B2B PR, there’s an assumption that a lot of time is spent churning out reams of the dullest content known to man. How could VNFs or SD-WAN possibly be interesting!? Yes, you can write sleep-inducing bylines on SaaS, but B2B content done well is both thought-provoking and accessible. To do this requires creativity, and that same creativity is key to […]

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